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Transbay Transit Center

San Francisco, CA


Transbay Joint Powers Authority


Pelli Clarke Pelli


Infrastructure and Development, Cultural Centers and Venues


Transbay Transit Center is a modern transportation hub in downtown San Francisco. Extending three city blocks, this five-level transit center includes a Train Station platform, Lower Concourse Level, primary circulation hub at the Ground Level, Second Level with administrative offices and retail space, Bus Deck Level and a 5.4 acre rooftop public park. The Grand hall features a dramatic light column that brings natural light into the structure. This project also includes two pedestrian bridges and a host of public artworks throughout the facility.


As right of way interagency coordinator for the $2.2B Transbay Transit Center Program, Hollins Consulting Inc. staff managed the processing of all required street vacation, encroachment and excavation permit applications. As infrastructure coordinator for the Transbay Program, our staff managed the design, permitting and construction of all public and private utility relocation and reconnections within the 22-block project area. The project required coordination of all permit applications with authorities having jurisdiction, such as Department of Public Works general excavation, utility excavation, and night noise permits, and Department of Parking and Traffic special traffic permits. Utility and Infrastructure coordination responsibilities included assessing the development’s impact on existing utility infrastructure and coordination with responsible agencies to determine options to mitigate these impacts, management of utility and civil designs and coordination of site utility connections among the design team and affected agencies, such as PG&E, AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and the SFPUC’s domestic water, auxiliary water supply and sewer systems, and the negotiation and management of joint trench and service agreements with utility agencies serving the development. Hollins Consulting, Inc. staff managed the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s traction power study for trolley service within the Transbay neighborhood, including traction power and overhead catenary system design, construction and acceptance. Hollins Consulting Inc. staff participated in the negotiation of an Electric Service Agreement between the Transbay Joint Powers Authority the SF Public Utilities Commission Power Enterprise. This included being the Transbay Joint Powers Authority’s primary interface with PG&E and SF Public Utilities Commission during the development of the Electric Reliability Study and the Electric Service Agreement that governed the provision of the 2 dedicated 12Kv power feeds to the Transit Center.






Guy Hollins, Will Spargur, Jonathan Valencia, Adriaen Banias, Mark Mitchell, Brendan Goggins

  • Modern transit hub serving 11 transportation systems

  • 5.4-acre rooftop public park

  • Grand hall entrance lobby

  • A three-platform, 6-track train station underground

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